Thursday, April 19, 2012

A View from Seven

After almost eight years of employment at Pickard Chilton, I recently resigned from the firm to take a position in the University Planning office of Yale University.

Though I am still getting used to my new role as "Senior Planner" and all it entails, one thing that I have gotten used to is the view from my office.  (Yes, I now have an office.  With a door.)

My office is on the seventh floor of Whitney Grove Square, just two blocks north of the New Haven Green.  My window looks west over the campus and gets great light, and even after two weeks, I have not yet turned on my ceiling light!  (And no, the adjacent flat rooftop is not accessible.)

From left to right on the photograph, notable buildings on the skyline are:

  • Center Church on the Green;
  • United Church on the Green;
  • the Taft apartment building;
  • Bingham Hall on Old Campus;
  • the tower of  Timothy Dwight College (in the foreground);
  • First & Summerfield United Methodist Church;
  • Harkness Tower at Branford College;
  • the stacks of Sterling Memorial Library (background) and tower of Silliman College (foreground);
  • the Hall of Graduate Studies tower;
  • the dome of Woolsey Hall;
  • Payne Whitney Gymnasium (shrouded in blue);
  • Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona;
  • and St. Mary's Church.