Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Site Planning & Design

Well, I did it!  Yesterday I took my first ARE:  "Site Planning & Design."  This was the first of seven tests I will have to take in order to achieving my architectural registration.  Though I feel pretty comfortable with my performance, I will have to wait a few weeks until I receive my official score (pass or fail) in the mail.

The test included 65 multiple-choice questions over 1.5 hours and two graphic/drawing components over 2 hours.  I felt adequately-prepared by reading a study guide, taking several study tests, and by practicing with the drafting software (which is quite a bit different from AutoCAD).

Next on the docket:  I'm going to try to take "Structural Systems" and "Schematic Design" before Christmas!

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Ina said...

Good luck! I'm still on 3.1, so studying for Building Technology next - I'm scheduled for Nov. 17th.