Thursday, April 9, 2009


I passed “Construction Documents & Services”!

I received the score report in the mail today with a nice “PASS” on the top. This leaves only one unknown score for my seventh exam, “Programming, Planning & Practice,” which I took back on March 23rd. NCARB seem to be getting quicker with their score processing, so I hope to see this report within the next couple of weeks.

Now that I have pushed through and completed all of my exams (pending that last “PASS” of course), I am trying desperately to finish my last IDP hours in a timely manner. One of the benefits of requesting licensing in Massachusetts is that they allowed me to take my AREs while still completing my IDP—but now I am in this funny situation where I have finished my exams but not my IDP!

At my performance review last summer I challenged myself to complete all of the licensing requirements by this year’s performance review mid-summer. I called it “the year of professional development.” This was a tough goal to begin with and it has taken some work and perseverance to complete so quickly (I became a LEED AP last fall and started my AREs in October), but I think the goal is still tenable.

It would also be nice to have completed all this stuff before travelling to Brazil, which could be as early as this summer. Ah, but that is another story! For that, please visit Kim’s and my adoption blog, Perfect Provision.

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